2018#175 "Mischling"www.voltage-basel.comStrotter Inst. will play as a part of the exhibition "DIS/ORDER" at Voltage in Basel.
Further live art artists: JASMIN GLAAB and FLOKA
 2018#172 "Beischlaf"www.luzernertheater.ch/improboxStrotter Inst. will be part of the "Kindertotenlieder"-series @ the Impro-Box of the Lucerne Theater during the Lucerne Festival.
Strotter Inst. will play an improvisation together with HANAN HADŽAJLI (fl) & CHRISTOPH ERB (Sax/Bcl)
The series is curated by MARTIN BAUMGARTNER.

 2018#174 "Getrieben"www.quartierzeit.chStrotter Inst. plays for the carfree-sunday in Berne a special set called "Getrieben" which refers to the engines in my turntables...   
 2018#166 "Fuchshatz"www.franzkafkaverein.de/fkk-2018A new Strotter Inst. set for the festival "FK:K II - Prozess"
@ Kunstraum Kesselhaus, Bamberg
further artists: TBA
 2018#167 "Ingenieur"ww.christianmueller.meA new Strotter Inst. set for the festival "Instabile Systeme"
@ Voirie, Biel
#165 "Brandherd"
www.grossehalle.ch/reitschule/grossehalle/Installation and concert for Squatopia @ Grosse Halle Bern   
#163 "Entortend"


relesase-party for ENTORTUNG (limited vinyl by STOTTER INST. for EVERESTRECORDS)
@ Cinématte Berne

ENTORTUNG - Loeslichen Krach “Reglos - landab (Groesse zischend)” 7:03
ENTORTUNG - Nabel Grab “Dreist suchte er Roecke” 7:12
ENTORTUNG - Vater Skepsis “Storch balancierte frische Treue” 5:50

Strotter Inst. Live-Set "ENTORTEND" 30:00

MISZELLEN - LRW - "Keilhirnrinde..." 6:40
MISZELLEN - ALRTU - "Mysterious Flowershirts" 5:51

support by EVEREST on TT

 2018#164 "Hurenbock"http://radio-picnic.zonoff.net/onde/?p=1258 Thanks to Jonathan Frigeri Strotter Inst. will play a radioshow for Radio Picnic in Bruxelles.
Streaming via LapTopRadio.org and Radioartemobile.it
 2017#157 „Fundleere“www.facebook.com/events/1688517057935740Strotter Inst. live @ Schallgässli Festival Nidau - Strotter Inst is sceduled for 18:30.
further artists: Fork Burke / Judith Wegmann & Christian Kobi / Susanne Daeppen & Christoph Lauener / Hari Köchli / Brigitte Hirsig / Kii & Gol w_special guests / Gilles & Max / Thomas Jeker, Christian Moser & David Schnee / Roger F. / Soldat Hans / Reis & Bohnen / Simon Berz / DJ Phil Collins
 2017#157 „Fundleere“www.facebook.com/BuecherbergwerkStrotter Inst. live @ the only well-working secondhand bookstore. Go visit the place You wont leave it without a book...    
 2017#157 „Fundleere“www.badbonn.chStrotter Inst. is proud to be back @ BadBonn. This Time together with KOKOKO! and Dj BASSINA.   
 2017#153 „Berserker“www.lucernefestival.chAs the winner of SOUNDZZ.Z.ZZZ…Z 2017, this years competition by LucerneFestival/Kunstmuseum Luzern, Strotter Inst. will play three improvisations.
The third is a miscallany about Peteris Vasks.
Special guest will be JORGE SANCHEZ CHIONG
 2017#153 „Berserker“www.lucernefestival.chAs the winner of SOUNDZZ.Z.ZZZ…Z 2017, this years competition by LucerneFestival/Kunstmuseum Luzern, Strotter Inst. will play three improvisations.
The second is a miscallany about Charles Koechlin.
 2017#153 „Berserker“www.lucernefestival.chAs the winner of SOUNDZZ.Z.ZZZ…Z 2017, this years competition by LucerneFestival/Kunstmuseum Luzern, Strotter Inst. will play three improvisations.
The first is a miscallany about Alban Berg.
 2017#154 „Anmassung“www.lucernefestival.chStrotter Inst. is proud to present a new work in collaboration with PATRICIA KOPATCHINSKAJA for the Lucerne Festival @ Intervall KKL    
 2017#155 „Gestammel“www.kunsthauszofingen.chStrotter Inst. will finish the Neoscope Performance Fenster @ Kunsthaus Zofingen    
 2017 #150 „Kleinholz“ www.zentrale.jetztconcert for the opening @ Zentrale Wien    
 2017#148 „Heimholen“ www.buendner-kunstmuseum.chtwo concerts @ Kunstmuseum Chur for „Ganz allein im Äther“ about Andreas Walser further artists: Michael Arbenz - Piano / kids of Bu?ndner Kantonsschule Chur    
 2017#149 „Frachtgut“ www.duesenjet.ch/flugplantwo sets @ Pflanzen- & Schallplattentauschbörse, Kreuzacherplatz Solothurn - tbc    
 2017#147 „Beikonsumwww.stoerenkultur.chconcert for Störenkultur @ Deltaareal, Gebäude 111, 2.OG, Langendorfstrasse 2, Solohurn    
 2016Musikpreis des Kantons Bernwww.dampfzentrale.chStrotter Inst. gets one of four music-awards 2016 by the canton Berne. The award presentation will take place at the Dampfzentrale.    
 2016Dissonance #136www.dissonance.chThe new number of Dissonance comes with a short portait of Strotter Inst. by swiss writer Gerhard Meister.    
 2016#145 „Willfahrt“www.s11.chStrotter Inst. will play at the finissage of "Ganze Tage in den Ohren" by Urslé von Mathilde - 15:30 at the Künstlerhaus S11 in Solothurn.    
 2016#135 „Muckefuck“about the tutorals - www.bbsongbook.chStrotter Inst. is part of the BadBonn SongBook    
 2016L'Histoire du soldatwww.collectif-barbare.chA theater by collectif barbare & argovia philharmonic with music by Strotter Inst.    
 2016#140 „Wandpunze“www.auawirleben.chStrotter Inst. plays two sets during the festival-brunch at the Festival Zentrum Progr - starting 11am!!!    
 2016Viel.eswww.bufomakmal.chStrotter Inst. & Lola de la Mata are responsable for the music of "Viel.es" - a dance-project by BUFOMAKMAL at Theater Roxy in Birsfelden, Basel.    
 2016#138 „Brackvieh“www.cafeoto.co.ukStrotter Inst. plays for BadBonn's IMOTO @ Café OTO in London. Further artists: Camilla Sparksss / Bruno Spoerri / Julian Sartorius / Dj Doug Shipton & Andy Votel    
 2016#138 „Brackvieh“www.lembobineuse.bizStrotter Inst. back in France, this time @ l'Embobineuse in Marseille. Further artists: FloKa & Yann Leguay    
 2016#138 „Brackvieh“www.experiment-wandler.chStrotter Inst. comes for an installation and a concert to the Wandler in Zurich. Further artists: Re-Drum & EMERGE    
 2015Cité internationale des Arts Paris18, rue de l'hotel de ville. atelier 8127Strotter Inst. is currently living in Paris as a resident at the Cité internationale des Arts.    
 2015#133 "Talschaft" www.trinitaires-bam.frStrotter Inst. is for Fragm/ent Asso @ Trinitaire in Metz. Further artists: Ecotone (eRikm/Martin Brandlmayr) & Will Guthrie solo   
 2015#133 "Talschaft" "99" rue du Ruisseau , M°Porte de ClignancourtStrotter Inst. @ le 99 à Paris - further artist LE MUR DU FOND (Patrice Cazelles, Francis Larvor, Jac Pochat)   
 2015#133 "Talschaft" www.facebook.com/events/204808276521538/Strotter Inst. & Yann Snuss in concert @ le 39 à Caen   
 2015#133 "Talschaft" www.facebook.com/laguillotinemontreuilStrotter Inst. at La Guillotine Montreuil/Paris. Further artists PATRICE CAZELLES/MA-DESHENG/NOW CUT.   
 2015#133 "Talschaft" www.citedesartsparis.netStrotter Inst. is curating an evening @ Cité internationales des Arts:
- Strotter Inst.
- Hugues Vincent
- NowCut vs. Strotter
- NowCut
- Vincent vs Strotter
 2015#133 "Talschaft" www.babilo.lautre.netStrotter Inst. is playing again a duo with Hugues Vincent @ Bab-ilo.    
 2015#133 "Talschaft" www.facebook.com/hotelsuburbianlStrotter Inst. is playing @ Hotel Suburbia - next to the installation of the night before...   
 2015#133 "Talschaft" www.apo33.orgStrotter Inst. is for Apo33 in Nantes. Further artist: Turntables Orchestra (West Coast of L.A)   
 2015#128 "Windhauch" www.musikfestivalbern.chStrotter Inst. plays for the Musikfestival Bern at Club Bonsoir - www.bonsoir.ch    
 2015Bab.Ilowww.babilo.lautre.netStrotter Inst. plays with Hugues Vincent - Cello (Paris), Kumi Iwase - Sax (Paris) & Vladimir Kitlyar - Teremin (St. Petersbrug) at Bab.Ilo, 9, rue du Baigneur    
 2015#127 "Bleikolik" www.irtijal.orgStrotter Inst. at IRTIJA-Festival in Beirut! Look out for the whole programm...   
 2015#127 "Bleikolik" www.storung.comStrotter Inst. at Störungen-Festival in Barcelona! Solo-Set & WorkShop/Discussion. Look out for the whole programm...   
 2014#124 "Pottasche" www.akouphene.orgStrotter Inst. at the Akouphène-Festival in Geneva! Look out for the whole programm...   
 2014#123 "Mahlstrom" www.offcut.chConcert for OffCut in Basel. Further acts tba.   
 2014#123 "Mahlstrom" Strotter Inst. on a little trip to Germany (each time solo and as Glauser/Strotter)
September 5 @ Der Elefant Bremen
September 6 @ Ganze Bäckerei Augsburg
 2014#123 "Mahlstrom" www.flussi.euStrotter Inst. is playing at Flussi Media Arts Festival, Avellino Italy.    
 2014#119 "Blaupause" www.oblo.chStrotter Inst. plays after the presentation of the nice film "Elektro Mosva" about the Russian elektro-history at Cinema Oblo in Lausanne.    
 2014#115 "Zwillinge" www.horsnormes.onlc.frStrotter Inst. & Andreas Glauser @ Hors Normes Festival in the fantastic landscape of Sentir near Lac de Joux.    
 2014#120 "Qualzucht" www.everestrecords.ch/r3s3tF I F T E E N -15- Y E A R S --- S T R O T T E R I N S T . - free concert 15x365days after the first live-appearence in june 3rd 1999. This time @ r3s3t mark3t Bern   
 2014#119 "Blaupause" www.editionluciver.tumblr.com/Strotter Inst. @ joli mois de mai in Biel for the book-presentation by Edition Luciver, Turbo Magazin, edition Fasting Plockare, Haus am Gern, Hyperraum 44/46, Edition Candestin.   
check it out and buy it for PC/Mac/iphone/ipad etc. -> www.memoreille.ch

Presentation of the music-game "Memoreille" by Gaudenz Badrutt at Lokal Int. in Biel. Three sets of the game are composed by Strotter Inst.:
#103 „Schrapper“
#102 „Abendlohe“
#101 „Trappgang“
 2014#118 "Drillinge" www.walcheturm.chStrotter Inst. & Andreas Glauser featering Marc Lardon!    
 2014#115 "Zwillinge" http://klubi.chThe teamwork is going on and on by Strotter Inst. vs. Glauser. This time at Klubi Zürich. Further artists tba.   
 2014#116 "Altrausch" www.kunstmuseumolten.chStrotter Inst. plays for the Finissage of "Cantonale Bern Jura" @ Kunstmuseum Olten    
 2014#116 "Altrausch" www.kunstmuseumolten.chStrotter Inst. plays for the 1. Künstlerball @ Kunstmuseum Olten
due to financial/cultural shot-down....
 2014#115 "Zwillinge" GermanyThe teamwork is going on for a two day germany-trip by Strotter Inst. vs. Glauser
09.01 - Phonophon @ INM, Frankfurt - www.phonographie.org
further artist: laurenrodz (F)
10.01 - N.K. Berlin - www.nkprojekt.de
further artists: Joke Lanz / ANY & dr. nexus / NW “cup” Body & Sound brought to Saturation… /
 2013#114 "Missernte" www.everestrecords.chStrotter Inst. is again part of the Beat-Diary-Tour by Julian Sartorius:
27.11 - Ceské Budejovice @ Ostinato Festival - www.ostinato.cz
28.11 - Prague @ Alternativa Festival- www.alternativa-festival.cz
29.11 - Opava @ The Movement-Sound-Space Festival 2012
30.11 - Ostrava @ The Movement-Sound-Space Festival 2012
01.12 - off-date 02.12 - Ljubliana @ Menza Pri Koritu - www.menzaprikoritu.org 03.12 - München @ Signalraum - www.signalraum.de
 2013#97 "Tontauben" SwitzerlandAs the teamwork is working in a perfect way Strotter Inst. vs. Glauser is going to play together again:
02.11 - Projektraum ION, Zürich - www.ionraum.tumblr.com
12.11 - Bad Bonn, Düdingen - www.badbonn.ch
17.12 - Mullbau Luzern - www.mullbau.ch
 2013#113 "Schaubude"" www.swissmusicdays.orgAfter playing at Performance Nacht in Wuppertal Strotter Inst. will be on tour for Swiss Music Days:
11.10 - Wuppertal @ Groelle pass:projects - www.groelle.de
13.10 - Beograd @ Rex - www.rex.b92.net
14.10 - Beograd @ Galerjia 12 Hub - www.g12hub.com
15.10 - Skopje @ Damar Bar - www.facebook.com/damarbar
16.10 - Tirana @ Tirana Ekspres - www.tiranaekspres.com
 2013#112 "Treibholz"" www.pantographe.chStrotter Inst. will play at UFO's presentation residenz at Pantographe in Moutier. Further artists: Jaronas Scheurer/Lucas Knierzinger/Cyril Dessemontet /Jonas Fehr/ Michael Anklin/Lukas Huber.   
 2013#97 "Tontauben" www.cave12.orgAs the teamwork is working in a perfect way Strotter Inst. vs. Glauser is going to play together again. This time for Cave12. Further artists: KRODELABESTIOLE (F/CH), GAUTE GRANLI (N), SIGURD BORGE (N)   
 2013#108 "Nachtmahr" Strotter Inst. on tour in the UK:
July 08 - London @ noise=noise
July 11 - Manchester @ the Noise Upstairs
July 12 - Liverpool @ the Kazimier
July 20 - Edinburgh @ the Forest Cafe
more tba
 2013#97 "Tontauben" www.sonic.oblo.chAs the teamwork is working in a perfect way Strotter Inst. vs. Glauser is going to play together again. This time for the Akouphène-Festival-Soirée at Cinema Oblo in Lausanne. Further act: "1000 postures de danse avant de se pendre". There will be more shows of Strotter/Glauser in autumn, more tba.   
 2013#105 "Aufhocker" www.ignm-zuerich.chStrotter Inst. and JSX (the great turntablist Jorge Sanchez-Chiong from Vienna) are playing for the festival "Zwei Tage Strom" at the Kunsthalle Zürich, organized by Internationale Gesellschaft für Neue Musik Zürich   
 2013#97 "Tontauben" www.dock18.chStrotter Inst. will play for Dock18 in Zürich a solo-set and a collaboration-set with Andreas Glauser   
 2012#96 "Selbander" www.everestrecords.chStrotter Inst. is part of the Beat-Diary release-tour of Julian Sartorius. Further artists: Trixa Arnold,
JD Zazie, dieb13, Phaerentz, Martin Baumgartner, Joke Lanz, Wolfgang Fuchs, DJ Sniff
dec 19 @ Ecurie de l’ilôt 13 by Cave12, Genève
dec 21 @ Dachstock, Reitschule Bern
dec 22 @ Helsinki, Zürich
 2013#97 "Tontauben" www.transform.bzStrotter Inst. will play for Transform a solo-set and a collaboration-set with Andreas Glauser   
 2013#97 "Tontauben" http://www.villingen-schwenningen.de/kultur/theater-und-konzerte.htmlStrotter Inst. will play for the serie 'Kernmacherei' at Theater am Ring in Villingen-Schwenningen   
 2012#93 "Ackergaul" more TBALooking forward to go east together with ström and FloKa
27 October - Ljubliana @ Menza Pri Koritu - www.menzaprikoritu.org
28 October - Maribor @ Pekarna - www.pekarna.org
29 October - Zagreb @ Gallery Mochvara - www.mochvara.hr
30 October - Belgrade @ festival 'Re:Make' - www.remake.rs
1/2 November - Vienna @ festival 'noches de los muertos' - www.echoraum.at
3 November - Linz @ Soundscapes Kapu - www.kapu.or.at
 2012#94 "Tieflader" www.u-topia.dePlaying at U-TOPIA FESTIVAL 2012 in Dortmund. Further artists TBA.   
 2012#94 "Tieflader" www.s11.chPlaying at the top of Künstlerhaus S11 in Solothurn. Further artist: FloKa   
 2012#89 "Tafelzier" www.bludnykamen.czplaying at the opening for the exhibition "Na houby / for John Cage" at Gallery Gottfrei in Opava   
 2012#89 "Tafelzier" www.industriestrasse.chAfter working on new sounds during summer the first meeting on stage with Trixa and FloKa   
 2012#89 "Tafelzier" www.skolska28.czAt the communication space Skolska28 in Prague Strotter Inst. is playing a solo-set and a duo with Phaerentz (Petr Ferenc).   
 2012#87 "Sandstatt" http://www.iwbfilter4.ch/veranstaltungen/Looking forward to play twice at this very special venue - a sand-filled cave   
 2012#86 "Wendehals" www.musikzimmeraarau.chA nice evening at Musikzimmer Aarau together with Dieb13 for more vinyl...   
 2012#86 "Wendehals" the Lodge at Bazillus www.bazillusclub.chBack from Japan I'll play the set with my new branches as support for Seven   
 2012#86 "Wendehals" www.urbanexplorersfestival.nl/Looking forward to be at the Urban Explorers Festival in Dordrecht (NL)   
 2012#86 "Wendehals" more TBALooking forward to visit Japan again!
20 April - Kyoto @ Urban Guild - http://www.urbanguild.net
21 April - Kobe @ Space Eauu - http://www.musika-nt.com/spaceeauuu
22 April - Osaka @ Nu-Things - http://nu-things.com
23 April - Nagoya @ K.D Japon - http://www2.odn.ne.jp/kdjapon
26 April - Yokohama @ Shichoushitsu Sono 2 - http://cafe.taf.co.jp/sono2
27 April - Tokyo @ Bar Isshee - http://isshee.at.webry.info
28 April - Tokyo @ Super Deluxe - https://www.super-deluxe.com
29 April - Tokyo @ Super Deluxe - https://www.super-deluxe.com
30 April - Tokyo @ Nanahari - http://ftftftf.com
01 May - Tokyo @ Urga - http://www.urga.net
03 Mai - Tokyo @ Mad City Gallery - http://madcity.jp
More TBA and for booking please write a mail to chess@solnet.ch
 2011#85 "Kasematte" http://www.kunsthauslangenthal.chA sound-performance for the vernissage of Cantonale Berne Jura.   
 2011#85 "Kasematte" http://www.tonus-music.chAfter more than 15 years - since the end of Veitstanz - sharing the stage again with Stefan Thut and his cello.   
 2011#80 "Hasardeur" www.cafevlese.czStrotter Inst. / Sudden Infant & Petr Ferenc on Tour. Starting at Café V lese in Prague   
 2011#80 "Hasardeur" www.gvuo.czStrotter Inst. / Sudden Infant & Petr Ferenc on Tour, this time in Ostrava at The Gallery of Fine Arts   
 2011#80 "Hasardeur" http://www.avantart.plStrotter Inst. is part of the swiss guests at AvantArt-Festival in Wroclaw. Further artists TBA...   
 2011#80 "Hasardeur" www.gottfrei.comStrotter Inst. / Sudden Infant & Petr Ferenc on Tour, this time in Opava at Gottfrei. More Gigs TBA (For booking, please feel free to contact...)   
 2011#80 "Hasardeur" www.alchemia.com.plStrotter Inst. / Sudden Infant & Petr Ferenc back in Poland at Alchemia in Krakau   
 2011#79 "Spleisser" http://www.lemonniati.comFor the first live-set after the summer break Strotter Inst. is invited for the Lemonniati-Festival in Geneva. Further Artists: Evelinn Trouble, Sleep Party People, ?Mr. Cheeky & Mr. Fake, CODES/insanë, Joe Colombo, ?Herbalist crew, ?Skankin Society, Tatum G. Rush   
 2011#79 "Spleisser" http://www.grandpalais.chPrelude of "Spleisser" for the Vernissage of SillyPet at GrandPalais, Bern.   
 2011#77 "Hagestolz" http://www.leoncavallo.orgBack from Japan straight to Milano for the MI LAND Festival at Leoncavallo. More TBA   
 2011#77 "Hagestolz" http://www.super-deluxe.comDespite all the terrible stories from Japan, Strotter Inst is playing some gigs in Tokyo. At SuperDeLuxe together with SUICIDAL 10cc, OFFSEASON, ASTRO + L?K?O + RICARDO DA SILVA, MARUOSA vs SYNDROME WPW, (SIC)   
 2011#77 "Hagestolz" http://www.bloc.jp/barisshee/I'm very proud to play again with fantastic saxophone-quintet SQX at Bar Isshee after we have played a few shows together in Russia 2008.   
 2011#77 "Hagestolz" http://ochiaisoup.web.fc2.com/NIce Lineup for the Bruit Alpine night: RICARDO DA SILVA, NIKOLA MOUNOUD/OVERLOAD COLLAPSE, ZBIGNIEW KARKOWSKI & TETSUIO FURUDATE + PAIN JERK, BLACKPHONE666   
 2011#77 "Hagestolz" http://www.musiquinno.fr/Strotter Inst. is playing for the very interesting festival Musiques Innovatrices and its beautiful location in an old mine, further artists K. MICAL/A QUI AVEC GABRIEL, TALWEG, NICOLAS LELIEVRE/TOMOKO SAUVAGE   
 2011#77 "Hagestolz" http://www.haus-ek.orgStrotter Inst. plays for the Vernissage by the new Haus der elektronischen Künste Basel. Further acts and performers Actress, Ngoc Lan, Volker Böhm/Gregor Hilbe/Tomek Kolczynski, Bianca Hildenbrand, Nikolas Neecke. More TBA   
 2011#77 "Hagestolz" http://www.myspace.com/ballonfabrikaugsburgStrotter Inst. is playing again in Augsburg, further artists ELEKTROJUDAS, ENO, SLICK ROGER   
 2011#77 "Hagestolz" http://www.garbald.chStrotter Inst. plays at Villa Garbald, Castasegna   
 2011#77 "Hagestolz" www.theaterchur.chStrotter Inst. plays at Theater Chur his new set. Further artists: ensemble ö!) Leimgruber / Lardon / Sisera    
 2010#72 "Quaksalbe" Europa31.07.2010 Strotter Inst. "Quaksalbe" @ Elektromagnetischer Sommer, Radio Lora Zürich
21.08.2010 Strotter Inst. "Quaksalbe" @ Les Digitales Porrentruy
26.08.2010 Strotter Inst. "Quaksalbe" @ BadBonn Düdingen
28.08.2010 Strotter Inst. "Quaksalbe" @ Les Digitales Botanischer Garten Bern
09.09.2010 Strotter Inst. "Quaksalbe" @ Gallery SO London
22.09.2010 Strotter Inst. "Quaksalbe" @ Hirscheneck Basel
02.10.2010 Strotter Inst. "Quaksalbe" @ Bazillus Zürich
18.11.2010 Strotter Inst. "Quaksalbe" @ Rössli Bern
 2010#71 "Lustmolch" US-TourWednesday March 24 - New York @ Galapagos Artspace
Saturday March 27 - New York @ The Tank
Thursday April 1 - Boston @ rarefrequency (radio-show)
Friday April 2 - Lowell @ 119 Gallery
Tuesday April 10 - Columbus @ Skylab
Sunday April 11 - Pittsburgh @ Garfield Artworks
Friday April 17 - Washington @ Comet Ping Pong
Friday April 23 - Baltimore @ Red Room
Saturday April 24 - Richmond @ Ghost Print Gallery
Thursday April 29 - Knoxville @ Pilot Light
Friday April 30 - Nashville @ Open Lot
Friday Mai 7 - Atlanta @ Eyedrum
Friday Mai 21 - Oklahoma @ Conservatory
Tuesday Mai 15 - San Francisco @ Swissnes
Wednesday June 16 - San Francisco @ Aquarius Records
Thursday June 17 - San Francisco @ RadioGoethe (radio-show on KUSF)

for booking chess@solnet.ch
 2009#69 "Bolzplatz"St. Gervais, Biel, http:/www.stgervais.chStrotter Inst. plays "Bolzplatz" for this years' Zwitscherland-Tour in Biel. Further acts are Benfay and Les Poissons Autistes & Hemlock Smith.   
 2009#69 "Bolzplatz"Dachstock, Bern, http:/www.dachstock.chRelease-party for the Strotter Inst. 10" "Bolzplatz" at the 10-anniversary of Everestrecords. Futher acts. Benfay, Monpetitponey, Copy & Paste and Feldermelder   
 2009#68 "Querulant"Théâtre du Poche, Biel, http:/www.podring.chStrotter Inst. Doubel-Lenco-Set for the Pod'ring-Festival in Biel   
 2009#66 "Huntslauf"Zürich, http:/www.walcheturm.chStrotter Inst. for the first time live this year at Kunstraum Walcheturm. Further act "Snake Figures Arkestra" with Ignaz Schick   
 2009#67 "Minenhund"Bern, http:/www.dampfzentrale.chRelease-concert for the new Strotter Inst. "Minenhund" CD at the Dampfzentrale Bern! Supported by Z'EV & Jason Kahn (US) and Apparat Hase (D/AT) Thanks to everybody who made this possible - hope to see You there!!!   
 2008#62 "Nacktmull"Lausanne, http://www.urbaines.chStrotter Inst. at the festival Les Urbaines in Lausanne' LeBourg. Further act Pierre Bastien.   
 2008#62 "Nacktmull"Basel, http://www.cargobar.chBack in Switzerland, Strotter Inst. for the first time with the new Lenco-Bull-Case. Further act Mich Meienberg   
 2008#62 "Nacktmull"Yaroslavl, http://www.longarms.ruThe last concert for the Russia-tour 2008   
 2008#62 "Nacktmull"St. Petersburg, http://www.aposition.orgStrotter Inst. second appearance in Russia, this time for the aposition-festival in St. Petersburg, again with Papa Srapa Mecha   
 2008#62 "Nacktmull"Alexandrov, http://www.longarms.ruThe third appearance in Russia, again with Papa Srapa Mecha   
 2008#62 "Nacktmull"Moscow, http://www.longarms.ruStrotter Inst. is proud to play for the longarms-festival - starting in Moscow with Papa Srapa Mecha   
 2008#61 "Flachmann"Lausanne, http://www.digitalis.tchSummertour by Strotter Inst. at digitalis in Lausanne   
 2008#62 "Nacktmull"Nijni Novgorod , http://www.longarms.ruThe second concert of the little "Flachmann"-summertour of Strotter Inst. This time together with Madou Goni and his instrument from Burkina Fasso For the festival "MOS ESPA - Apéritifs et performances sonores"   
 2008#60 "Potlatsch"cinema Spoutnik / Usine, Genève http://www.cannibalcaniche.com/now back in Switzerland for the cannibalcaniche...   
 2008#60 "Potlatsch"Pakerna MariborStrotter Inst. is proud to play again at Pakerna, Maribor (SLO). This time together with Incite   
 2008#60 "Potlatsch"cinema kinodvor, Ljubliana www.kinodvor.siStrotter Inst. live at kinodvor.si in Ljubliana, further artists Incite & Brian   
 2008#60 "Potlatsch"Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano www.careof.orgA special show between Pecs and Ljubliana in Milano for the italien video-festival at Fabbrica del Vapore. Together with Yuri Gagarin and Matteo Uggeri|Hue   
 2008#60 "Potlatsch"Közeletis Galerie, Pecs (HU) http://kozelites.netThe first concert for this little Strotter Inst. tour. Together with Incite from Hamburg   
 2007#58 "Fangfalle"Haute Ecole des Beaux-Arts GenèveWorkshop and Concert for the students at Haute Ecole des Beaux-Arts Genève   
 2007#57 "Samenperl"Case à Chocs Neuchâtel, www.superette.chPlaying at the two days festival of electronic music   
 2007#57 "Samenperl"BadBonn Düdingen, www. BadBonn.chThe third and last appearance for the Zwitscherland-Tour, this time together with Leech and Blinde Kinder   
 2007#57 "Samenperl"Lokal Int. Biel, www.lokal-int.chProbably the last concert by Strotter Inst. for the great 2007 at Lokal Int. Biel/Bienne.   
 2007#57 "Samenperl"Lab30 Augsburg, www.lab30.deAftre more then one year back in germany, this time together with Philip Jeck. concrete scedule tba   
 2007#57 "Samenperl"Kreuz Solothurn, www.kreuzkultur.chThe first concert of a serie with everestrecords bands, this time with Maton and Blinde Kinder.    
 2007#56 "Rutengang"Le Vitrine Maribor, www.la-vitrine.euA new live-set for the performance cycle in Maribor, Slovenia    
 2007#47 "Nebochant"Kunstraum Aarau, www.kunstraumaarau.chSpecial live set for the exhibition at Kunstraum Aarau    
 2007#49 "Prahlhans"St. Oyens, www.zonoff.net/thewildpartyThe wild party, three days with 15 liveacts an 10 dj's. You will find no sleep!   
 2007#48 "Kapuziner"Romainmôtier, www.l-arc.chThree days of music and brocolage. Livepräsentation at the L'Arc.   
 2007#46 "Schwarten"Das Schiff Basel, www.dasschiff.chThe first time playing on a boat. Together with MIR and Zbiginiew Karkowski   
 2007#46 "Schwarten"Maison Bourgogne,108 Rue Bourgogne, Orlèans (F) www.labomedia.orgmultimedia festival with concerts, performances, installations and bricolage. Avec Cedric Doutriau, Collectif Otra, Tickmayer & Valentin Clastrier, Ultra, Kuryakin, Sun Plexus, Mochipet, Bloodsnowman and others.   
 2007#44 "Nachbrand"Kalkbreite Squat, ZürichFirst live-apperance after a graet time in La Paz. Together with P Lang and Dubbling Crack Monster   
 2007"el quinto pasajero"Museo Tambo Quirquincho, La Paz (Bolivia)Strotter Inst. will work together with 8 bolivian and 13 europian artist. Five weeks time to create a exhibition, performing . . . . .   
 2006#39 "Kaschemme"exex St. Gallen, www.visarteost.chNew liveset for the artspace exex St. Gallen   
 2006#37 "Sauerampf"www.kunsthausglarus.chNew liveset for Homemade at Kunsthaus Glarus   
 2006#34 "Partisane"Bern, www.buskersbern.chStrotter Inst. goes on the street   
 2006#33 "Vollkerfe"Cuba Münster, www.cuba-cultur.deNew live-set for Geräuschwelten 30, curated by Aufabwegen. further acts Falls Burning (Belgien/vidna obmana sideproject) and Tim Hecker (Canada)    
 2006#33 "Vollkerfe"www.kulturbunker-muelheim.deNew live-set for Till Kniola (Aufabwegen)   
 2006#33 "Vollkerfe"Domicil Dortmund, www.domicil-dortmund.deNew live set   
 2006#33 "Vollkerfe"Chili Royal, wwwchiliroyal.deNew live set   
 2006#28 "Halimasch"WIM, Dampfzentrale Bern, www.wimbern.chLive for WIM at Dampfzentrale Bern, further act Savagnières    
 2006#27 "Leitbache"centre culturel suisse paris, www.ccsparis.comSome soundobjects and a liveset at centre culturel suisse in Paris   
 2005#26 "Leckstein"Adrianos Bern, www.adrianos.ch/nachtAdrianosnacht special bar program by Strotter Inst. and Anne Strehl. www.adrianos.ch/nacht   
 2005#24 „Schrammer“Fri-Son, www.fri-son.chnew live set & visuals   
 2005#20 „am_un_Ort“Kunstmuseum Solothurn, Graphisches KabinettSound and Installations together with Chink   
 2005#23 „Gebresten“L'arc Romainmôtier, www.homemade-labor.chHome Made Klangtag with Bosshard, Spoerri, any affair and more   
 2005#19 „Monstranz“Kunstraum Aarau, www.kunstraumaarau.chLiveset for Kunstexpander, further act rm 74, HAM P#5   
 2005#19 „Monstranz“WIM Zürich, www.wimmusic.chlive show, further act rm74   
 2005#19 MonstranzHGK Basel (Sempacherstrasse 17), www.fhbb.ch/kunstliveset for FHBB   
 2005#19 „Monstranz“Museum für Gegenwartskunst Basel, www.mgkbasel.ch/Museumsnacht Basel, further acts Everest, Papiro, more tba   
 2005#19 „Monstranz“espace autogéré, http://squat.net/espaceautogereVERSCHOBEN   
 2004#19 „Monstranz“Bad Bonn, DüdingenLive-show for the cat, further acts Barbez & DJ Smelly Tongue   
 2004#19 „Monstranz“Kunstraum Walchenturmsupport for Institut für Feinmotorik's new 7   
 2004#16 „Unterflur“Kaskadenkondensator BaselConcert and Strotter Installations   
 2004#15 „Schlemihl“Amtshausplatz SolothurnOutdoor Live Set for an Art-Event by Carlo Borer/Heinrich Breiter/Michel Mast/Everest   
 2004rough and ready electronicsWalchenturm ZürichImproday with lots of musicians in different constallations   
 2004#14 „Waschkaue“Klangraum Phönix, DortmundLive Set, further acts Steinbrüchel, Mapstation, DJ Zipo   
 2003Sudden Infant vs. Strotter Inst.Zaffaraya, Bernsecond battle with Joke Lanz   
 2003„...über Streit, unter Brüdern“3è étage, GrenchenSound for a lecture by Armin Heusser   
 2003Sudden Infant meets Strotter Inst.WIM, ZürichNew Collaboration   
 2003#13 „Scharbock“Arcore, ItalyNew Liveset together with Tasaday   
 2003Reitschule, BernGuestmusician at rm74-show   
 2002#12 „Krautsaum“Contemporary Culture Convention lll, Bernlive-installation for a festival with over 50 swiss based artists   
 2002#11 „Urballett“„In Lake’ch“ Gaskessel Berninstallation in a group exhibition   
 2002#10 „Knechtung“Bar Basellive-installation   
 2002#9 „Mischpoke“sonique series, Heinrichstrasse 137 Zürichlive-installation, further act Peter Baumgartner (CH)   
 2002#9 „Mischpoke“espace autogere, Lausannelive-installation, further act Phroq (CH)   
 2002#9 „Mischpoke“Kreuzkultur, Solothurnlive-installation   
 2002#9 „Mischpoke“Dachstock, Reitschule Bernlive-installation   
 2001#8 „Gratwaten“Kreuz, Solothurnlive-installation   
 2001#7 „Schrubben“Kunsthaus GrenchenIistallation in collaboration with Pavel Schmidt (D/CH)   
 2001„Bastelei“Kuttelbad, Wasen im Emmentallive sound for a theater by Jürg Tschannen   
 2001„Strotter Inst."Filmvideo about Strotter Inst. by Ingwer Bergmnann   
 2001#6 „Schlepper“LP: 180 gr. Vinyl with engravings, embossedproduced by Hess / Sürü, mastered by Hess / STR.   
 2001#6 „Schlepper“Aktionsraum 3éEtage, Grenchenlive-installation    
 2000#6 „Schlepper“Fri-Son, Freiburglive-installation, further act Phroq (CH)   
 2000o.T.Migros Kulturbüro, Bernsound for a videoinstallation by Ingwer Bergmann   
 2000#5 „Moderamen“Freitagsgalerie, Solothurninstallation in an exhibition with Jürg Dreier   
 2000#4 „Rumpfteil“CaféBar, Solothurnlive-installation, further act Herpes ö DeLuxe (CH)   
 2000„Spielerei“Kuttelbad, Wasen im Emmentallive sound for a theater by Jürg Tschannen   
 1999„Flausens“www.lab42.orgsoundloops for an internetfilm by Rahel Gaukel    
 1999#3 „Vergessen“Sulzer, Oberwinterthurmusic-performance and filmtakes   
 1999#2 „Kanalgeck“Kiff, Aaraulive-installation, further act Seelenfinder (CH)   
 1999#2 „Kanalgeck“Bad Bonn, Düdingenlive-installation, further act Lödig (CH)   
 1999#2 „Kanalgeck“Komfort, Bernlive-installation, further act DJ Zwieback (CH)   
 1999#1 „Schrobben“Hoch- & Tiefton, Aaraulive-installation, further acts Teleform (CH) and Peeled Hearts Paste (AUS)   
 1999#1 „Schrobben“Werkstatt, Solothurnfirst live-installation five turntables   
 2002#11 „Urballett“Bundesamt für Flüchtlinge, Berninstallation in a group exhibition   
 2003#13 „Scharbock“Hamburg, GermanyNew Liveset, further acts Kim Cascogne, Gerd Prins   
 2003#13 „Scharbock“Menza Pri Koritu, Lijubliana, SloweniaNew Live Set   
 2003#13 „Scharbock“Hirscheneck, BaselNew Live Set, further act Everest   
 2004rough and ready electronicsWalchenturm, Zürichcollaboration event   
 2004"Gagarin"Bar Rouge, BaselSound for a lecture by Armin Heusser   
 2004#19 „Monstranz“Kunsthalle BernStrotter Inst. CD-Release-Party supported by Everest and aftershow with Chink   
 2005#19 „Monstranz“Kreuz Solothurn, www.kreuzkultu.chfurther act Everest   
 2004#19 „Monstranz“Hafenbuffet RorschachLiveset, further act Norbert Möslang as DJ   
 2005#19 „Monstranz“Sedel, Luzern, www.sedel.chVERSCHOBEN   
 2005#19 „Monstranz“Haldenstrasse 23, St. Gallen, www.sequenz.netSequenz_Magazinvernissage, further acts Klumpen, Morphologue, Projekt084.net   
 2005#19 Monstranzcinema oblo, Lausanne www.oblo.chliveset, further act PS stamps back (Gr)   
 2005#22 „Scherbett“Halle (Saale), www.electric-renaissance.deSound an installations for Händelfestspiele-remix   
 2005#24 „Schrammer“Cascina Autogestita Torchiera, Milanonew live set & visuals   
 2006#35 "Tafelzier"Galerie Joelle Possémé, ParisSpecial liveset for the exhibition of Heini Bürkli in Paris   
 2007#46 "Schwarten"Musée de la Mine, St. Etienne (F), http://ornitoto.free.frStrotter Inst. is very proud to play at the festival "musique innovatrices" (8th - 10th of june) together with acts like Charlemagne Palestine, Brainville 3, L'Ocelle Mare and many more