Helios & Hess
formerly known as OP Rechts & Hess
 2016„Schmetternde Subdominante“www.everestrecords.ch/eventsHELIOS & HESS will present a new track for Adv3nt at Botanischer Garten Bern ...    
 2015 „Lump“www.dampfzentrale.chHELIOS & HESS is playing "ALPSEGEN" for PAKT as a part of Neue Musik Markt @ Dampfzentrale Bern. Further artists: NATE WOOLY, JOHANNES KREIDLER, ZIMOUN, BUTTERLAND and many more ...    
 2015 „Lump“www.badbonn.chHELIOS & HESS at BadBonn. Further artist: PC Worship (US)    
 2015„Lump“-Tour 15EuropeHELIOS & HESS on tour
08.05.15 - Zürich - Atonal @ Klubi
12.05.15 - Frankfurt - Phonophon @ Institut für Neue Medien
13.05.15 - Hamburg - Hörbar @ B-Movie
14.05.15 - Berlin - @ Loophole
16.05.15 - Dresden - Trille @ Alte Feuerwache
17.05.15 - Brno - s(o)unday mixtape @ PRAHA
19.05.15 - Praha - Stimul Nights @ Cafe V Lese
20.05.15 - Wien - 3. blöder Mittwoch @ Rhiz
21.05.15 - Ljubljana - Mota @ Museum of Transitory Art
 2015„Lump“www.dachstock.ch/Release-party for the CD/Book "Lump" by Helios & Hess
for the 15th anniversary of EverestRecords
further acts: Cris Dubflow, Rotkeller, Digitalis
 2013„Reisläufer“www.lesdigitales.chHelios & Hess are back!!!
New release is coming soon....
 2013OP Rechts & Hesswww.dampfzentrale.chafter 9 years the first live-collaboration by OP Rechts & Hess for the nice young festival Sonic Mountains at Dampfzentrale Bern. Further acts: Darkspace / Cyrill Schläpfer's Dampfschiffsymphonie   
 2004OP Rechts / HessSedel Luzernvisuals by Anne Strehle, further act Herbal Jazz   
 2004Op Rechts/Hessgrosse Halle Reitschule, BernContribution at the CCC lV   
 1999„DeMeuron“Reithalle Bernspecial guest Röshu   
 1994„Stammraunen“Reithalle Bernspecial guest Hoschi, further act: Whitehouse (GB)   
formerly known as Meienberg vs. Strotter Inst.
 2016"Haderlump"https://www.facebook.com/events/771053623029112/Mich Meienberg & Strotter Inst. are playing for "AUSGELESEN" at Cosmic Tiger in Bern. Support by EVEREST ON TT   
 2015"Haderlump"http://transform.bzMich Meienberg & Strotter Inst. are playing for Transform in Bern   
 2008"Windhunde"festival Les Digitales La-Chaux-de-Fonds, www.lesdigitales.chThe festival les digitales in La-Chaux-de-Fonds with Edwin + Hund (Meienberg vs. Strotter Inst.)   
 2008coming-of-ageDampfzentrale Bern, www.dampfzentrale.chMich Meinenberg & Strotter Inst. are playing live for a dance-ensemble (more infos about www.marcelleemann.ch)   
 Church of Herpes
Hess (turntable), Beatman (Voice), OP Rechts (MS20), Roger (Nord), Sürü (DXM)
 2002Tribute to Jonny CashRoten Fabrik Zürichfurther acts:Zloty Machine (CH), Motordikes (CH)   
 2002„Second Mass“Expo 02 in Neuenburgfurther acts: Get Lost (US/CH), Artmode (CH)   
 1999"First Mass"Bad Bonn, Düdingenfurther acts:Die Regierung (CH),   
 Gebr. Ritalin
Hess (Lenco, Tapes), Monsegniore Dies (Turntables, Tapes)
 2013Gebr. Ritalin (Hess: Lenco & Loops / Dies: Turntables & Tapes)---Brothers Ritalin goes Zürich playing at OG9. Further artist Papiro   
 2012Gebr. Ritalin (Hess: Lenco & Loops / Dies: Turntables & Tapes)www.buskersbern.chYou'll find the Ritalin Brothers with their stroller at Buskers Bern   
 2012Gebr. Ritalin (Hess: Lenco & Loops / Dies: Turntables & Tapes)www.lesdigitales.chThe Ritalin Brothers again in Bern, this time for the laid back Les Digitales at the Botanischer Garten.   
 2011Gebr. Ritalin (Hess: Lenco & Loops / Dies: Turntables & Tapes)Biel/BienneOn the road for "Fête de la Musique" in Biel   
 Kang aus der Schulter
Hess (Lenco), Huber (Performance), Klingler (Performance)
 2013Klang aus der Schulterwww.forumneuemusikluzern.ch/konzert_3.htmlNew Perfomance-Projekt, very quiet, calm and minimalistic but hopefully intense. Members: Judith Huber, Monika Klingler and Strotter Inst. First presentation for Forum Neue Musik Luzern at sic! Raum für Kunst    
SchweizÖsterreichischeFreundschaft - Achermann/Jaschke/Hess
 2017SCHWöFwww.literaturhaus.atfirst Emanation of SCHWöF for "Grenzüberschreitungen aller Art" @ Literaturhaus Vienna.
Gerhard Jaschke - poet
Erika Achermann - lecture artist
Strotter Inst. - sounds
 Strotter Inst. vs. Flo Kaufmann
Hess (Turntables), Flo (Bricolage)
 2010"Durchdrehen"Cabaret Voltaire Zürich, http://www.cabaretvoltaire.chflo kaufmann vs. Strotter Inst. playing again their cut-to-beercan-set, this time at Cabaret Voltaire Zürich   
 2009"Durchdrehen"L'arc Romainmotier, http://www.l-arc.chflotzki3000 vs. Strotter Inst. playing again their beercans for the symposium of kulture and digitalisation in Romainmotier    
 2008"Durchdrehen"Beijing, http://www.whiterabbitbj.comflotzki3000 vs. Strotter Inst. is playing in China! Second concert in Beijing...   
 2008"Durchdrehen"Shanghai, http://www.myspace.com/switzerlandchinaflotzki3000 vs. Strotter Inst. is playing in China! First concert in Shanghai...   
 2008"Durchdrehen"Basel, http://www.shiftfestival.chflotzki3000 vs. Strotter Inst. is playing for the turntablism-night at shiftfestival in Basel. Great line-up!   
 2006"Durchdrehen"Altes Spital Solothurn, www.homemade-labor.chSongs for beercans, special collaboration with the "bricoleur universel" Flo   
 Strotter Inst. vs. Trixa Arnold
 2007#41/3 "Kraftwerk"Aarau, www.kunstraumaarau.chthe third apearance of Trixa Arnold and Strotter Inst. for "Lenco vs. Lenco" at the Finissage of my exhibition in Aarau   
 2007#41 "Kraftwerk"tba, listen around....second live-apperance together with Trixa Arnold and her turntables.    
 2006#40 "Kraftwerk"WIM Zürich, www.wimmusic.ch Strotter Inst. & Trixa Arnold: two Lenco-artist in collaboration   
 Strotter Inst. vs. Joke Lanz
Hess (Lenco), Joke (MK)
 2009"RIFF"Kulturgarage Solothurn, http:/www.kulturgarage.chLive music by Strotter Inst. & Ben Jeger to texts by Muk (read by Töndury)   
 2009"Sol&Elements"Solothurn, http:/www.solothurnerfilmtage.chLive filmmusic by Christoph Hess, Pedro Haldemann, Ben Jeger & Oliverleist for the Solothurner Filmtage   
 Sum of R
Hess (Turntable), rm74 (bass,FX), Roger (Fingers)
 2011 "Lenco-Duo" http://www.alpentoene.ch/2011/programm.phpStrotter Inst. vs. Trixa Arnold: Lenco meets Lenco for some Alpentöne....   
 2010Sum of Rhttp://www.klangkurier.chThe Lodge presents Sum of R together with THO-SO-AA and B°Tong at Bazillus Club in Zurich   
 2010Sum of RBadBonn Düdingen, http:/www.badbonn.chSum of R is part of the BadBonn Compilation on three:four records. For the release-party playing with :Take: and Sir Richard Bishop.   
 2009Sum of RBadBonn Düdingen, http:/www.badbonn.chSum of R is proud to play with ASVA!   
 2008Sum of RZürich http://www.moods.chSum of R at the Moods in Zürich, further act Steinbrüchel/Kahn   
 2008Sum of RLausanne, http://luff.chSum of R playing with Corrupted and many mr at Lausanne Underground Festival   
 2008Sum of RKalkbreite 4, ZürichThe fourth appearance of Sum of R. This time at Kalkbreite Zürich, together with La Casa Fantom and Justice Yeldham.   
 2008Sum of RCinema Oblo Lausanne, www.oblo.chThe third appearance of Sum of R. This time in Lausanne...   
 2007Sum of RBadBonn Düdingen, www.badbonn.chThe second appearance of Sum of R. This time at the small but great Fr Katz Festival. Who the hell is Fr Katz...   
 2007Sum of Rr3s3tmarket Bern, www.r3s3t.chThe new project by rm74 and Strotter Inst. The first minimal-doom live set   
 Bürgisser vs. Hess
Hess (Turntables), Bürgisser (Powerbook/Guitar)
 2000„Dichotomie und Sound“im Kreuz, Solothurnconcert, performance and reading   
 2000„Dichotomie und Sound“in der 3é Etage, Grenchenconcert, performance and reading   
 2000„Dichotomie und Sound“in der Schützi, Oltenconcert, performance and reading   
Hess (Turntable), Etienne (Cello), Harry (MS20), Mühleisen (Synths)
 2007"Veitstanz"Künstlerhaus Solothurn, www.s11.chafter 11 years for one show in the original line up we are proud to announce Veitstanz playing for a vernissage at the Künstlerhaus S11   
 1996„Ende“Restaurant Kreuz, Solothurnlast concert as Veitstanz   
 1996„Hirnschwamm“Kuba, Baden-   
 1996„Hirnschwamm“Kulturzentrum Boa, Luzernfurther act: nið (D)   
 1996„Live Radio-Improvisationen“Radio lora, Zürich-   
 1995„Improvisationen“Kuba Baden-   
 1995„WarNehmung“Exibition Endless '45-'95-   
 1995„Veitstanz“„Avantgarde-Cult-Festival“, Kuba Badenfurther acts: Myase (F/CH) und OP Rechts (CH)   
 1994„Xenophobia“Mozg, Bydgoszcz Polenfurther act: Mazoll (P)   
 1994„Xenophobia“Baltisches Kulturzentrum NCK, Danzig Polen-   
 1994„Xenophobia“Sfinks, Sopot Polenfurther actt: Mazzoll (P)   
 1994„Xenophobia“Kofmehl, Solothurnfurther act: Dying Hedgehog (CH)   
 1994„Zerstörungsstrukturen“Kreissaal, Bern-   
 1994„Zerstörungsstrukturen“Kofmehl, Solothurn„Zerstörungsstrukturen“, performance- and music-festival   
 1993„SchVeitstanz“Depot, Derendingen-   
 1992„Enantodromia“Zirkus Federlos, Solothurn-   
 1991„7 Todsünden“Tribe Festival im Restaurant Kreuz, Solothurn-   
Hess (Turntable), Mühleisen (Synths)
 1997„feat. Rock-ola“Restaurant Kreuz, Solothurnwith reading by Hess   
 1994„keep out“Kreissaal, Bern-   
 1991„melanalcoholics“Depot, Derendingen-   
 1991„melanalcoholics“Kreissaal Bern-   
 2016ww.moods.chStrotter Inst. as a part of Royal Darkroom Extended. The turntable trio with Joke Lanz & Jorge Sanchez-Chiong    
 2016ww.onobern.chStrotter Inst. as a guest for UFO @ Ono Bern    
 2015„Joyful Noise in the Dark ll“www.dampfzentrale.chStrotter Inst. is again member of "Joyful Noise in the Dark"! For part two at Dampfzentrale Bern. There will be three sets...   
 2015„Instant Poetry“www.bee-flat.chCarte Blanche by Colin Vallon (p) with Joy Frempong (voc), Hans Koch (cla) & Strotter Inst.    
 2015„Club D'Essai“www.dampfzentrale.ch/clubdessaiAn evening of improvisations with Flo Kaufmann, Julian Sartorius & Strotter Inst.    
 2015„Joyful Noise in the Dark“www.www.sudpol.chThird appearence of "Joyful Noise in the Dark" - this time in Lucerne   
 2015„DoubleDuo“Voirie, Brunngasse1, Biel/BienneDuo Strotter Inst. – Gaudenz Badrutt
Duo Christian Kobi – Christian Müller
 2014„da-zwischen“www.igtanz-ost.chTanzprojekt TPO'14 "da-zwischen" on tour:
choreography by laborgras
music by Enrico Lenzin & Strotter Inst.
14.08 Lokremise St. Gallen
14.08 Lokremise St. Gallen
23.08 TanzRaum Herisau
01.11 Phönix Theater Steckborn
08.11 Stadttheater Chur
13.11 Spielboden Dornbirn
15.11 TAK Theater Liechtenstein Schaan
22.11 Tanzzeit Festival Winterthur
 2014Guhl vs. Strotter Inst.Mühlensteg 3, St. GallenStrotter Inst. is proud to play a set with Andy Guhl @ Zeichenfabrik St. Gallen!   
 2014"Joyful Noise in the Dark" www.theaterneumarkt.chStrotter Inst. is part of "Joyful Noise in the Dark" @ Theater Neumarkt in Zürich. This time just showing some Strotter Inst.allations.   
 2014"Joyful Noise in the Dark" www.dampfzentrale.chStrotter Inst. is part of "Joyful Noise in the Dark" by Julian Sartorius Ensemble   
 2010Typolin presents : FREE SESSION #3Théâtre de Poche Bienne http://www.kulturtäter.chStrotter Inst. playing the first time with Gaudenz Badrutt. Further act Hans Koch & Christine Sehnaoui   
 20092. Joyfulnoise-Festivalhttp://www.etageclub.ch18 musicans playing two nights in different constallations at the Étage-club in Biel. Joyful noise for the end of the year....   
 2009Gartenzwergsprengunghttp://www.messedornbirn.atLive Sound by Herpes öDeLuxe for Pavel Schmidt's next pyrotochnical intervention. This time for the Vernissage of Art-Bodensee in Dornbirn (Austria)   
 2009albträume @ blauläufeGalerie im Venet-Haus Ulm, www.fischerplatzgalerie.deLive Sound for Pavel Schmidt's newest pyrotochnical intervention. Together with Monsignore Dies and Christian Hölbing.   
 2008DJ OrchestraEWZ Stattkino Zürich, www.ewz.stattkino.com.chStrotter Inst., Joke Lanz & Trixa Arnold on turntables, supported by the voice of Christine Lauterburg, directed by Chris Wiesendanger playing live for Ang Lee's "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon"   
 2007#43 "Wendehals"Museo Tambo Quirquincho, La PazA live performance for the opening of the exhibition "El Quinto Pasajero" in the museo Tambo Quirquincho, together with the bolivian singers Sibah & Marianna   
 2007#42 "¿Cabaret?"Museo Tambo Quirquincho, La PazA short live-improvisation for the Cabaret in Museo Tambo Quirquincho, together with Sibah (Silvia Velarde, La Paz)   
 2006#38 "Schatulle"Progr Bern, www.dorkbotswiss.orgPresentation of Strotter Inst. at the dorkbotswiss - meeting in Bern, finishing with a improvisation together with Hans Tammen (NYC)   
 2006„Nanoclasme“Musée de L'Art et Histoire, NeuchâtelOnce again an explosiv action with Pavel Schmidt supported by the sound of Herpes ö ReDuxe   
 2005resetting impror3s3tmarket Bern, www.r3s3t.chImprovistion David Cotner, Alena Kitson, Strotter Inst.   
 2005resetting impror3s3tmarket Bern, www.r3s3t.chImprovistion David Cotner, Alena Kitson, Strotter Inst.   
 2003ImprovisationWagenmeister, Baselto a film by Ingwer Bergmann   
 2003„Herzklopfen“Théâtre de poche, BielEin Abend mit: Christoph Hess /Pavel Schmidt/ Rudolf Amstutz   
 2004Maja Ratkje / Strotter Inst.Bad Bonn, Düdingenat the famous Bad Bonn Kilbi   
 2006"Gartenzwergverwertung"Museum Goch, www.museum-goch.deOnce again an explosive intervention by Pavel Schmidt supported by the sound of Herpes ö DeLuxe   
 2007#45 "Unschlitt"r3s3tmarket, Bern. www.r3s3t.chLive improvisation together with Andreas Glauser of Brainhall