2018#168 „Schonzeit“www.musikfestivalbern.ch„Schonzeit“ is a composition by Strotter Inst. for turntable and the clockwork of the Zytglogge in Bern.
It will be performed several times by Strotter Inst. and the "Zytrichter" Hans Marti during the Musikfestival.

Some more Strotter Inst.allations (#169 „Lehrhauer“ & #25 „Krakeeler“) will turn the Zytglogge in another time...

 2018#170 „Engerling“
#171 „Brandrede“
www.triennale.chStrotter Inst. will show two new installations @ the Unterwerk SWG for the 21. Triennale in Grenchen.
Furthermore Strotter Inst. will create together with FLOKA a kind of an audio-selfie-machine.

 2018#173 „Beisskorb“ www.zoominfestival.chStrotter Inst. is again responsible for the scenography of Joyful Noise in the Dark. This time @ the Museum of Communication for the Zoom-In Festival. This will be accompanied by the installation #173 „Beisskorb“.

 2018"Sonic Objections"www.bildrecht.at/bildraumStrotter Inst. will show #143 „Grossmaul“ & #95 „Widerbart“ as a part of the group-show
@ Bildraum Bodensee in Bregenz, curated by ALEXANDRA GRAUSAM & KARL SALZMANN.


 2017#156 „Schiebung“www.gepard14.chStrotter Inst. hosts the artspace Gepard14 in Bern Liebefeld for a few weeks:

Christophe Lambert
Claudia Leuenberger
Flo Kaufmann
Monsignore Dies
Pawel Ferus
Urslé von Mathilde
Roberta Winterberg
Pat Noser
Strotter Inst.

Do 26.10.
OP Rechts - (music brut)
Stefan Thut - (Objekte)
Do 09.11.
Gaudenz Badrutt - (Elektronik)
deep - (Gerätschaften)
Do 23.11. dasOrt - (electronic)
Meienberg - (ambiente-electronic)
So 26.11.

 2017#152 „Strandgut“www.kunstmuseumluzern.chAs the winner of SOUNDZZ.Z.ZZZ…Z 2017, this years competition by LucerneFestival/Kunstmuseum Luzern, Strotter Inst. will show three new installations dedicated to Alban Berg, Charles Koechlin and Peteris Vasks   
 2017#146 „Miszellen“ 13-15www.kunstmuseumluzern.chAs the winner of SOUNDZZ.Z.ZZZ…Z 2017, this years competition by LucerneFestival/Kunstmuseum Luzern, Strotter Inst. will present three new "remixes" as screenings
Nabel Grab “Dreist suchte er Roecke”
Loeslichen Krach “Reglos - landab (Groesse zischend)”
Vater Skepsis “Storch balancierte frische Treue”
 2017#151 „Kopfgneis“www.zentrale.jetztsolo-exhibition by Strotter Inst.allation @ Zentrale Wien   
 2017#129 "Zwingburg"
#143 "Grossmaul"
www.kunstmuseum-so.chStrotter Inst.allation as a part of the 32. Annual Exhibition at Kunstmuseum Solothurn   
 2017#143 "Grossmaul"www.pasquart.chStrotter Inst.allation as a part of the Cantonale Berne-Jura at Centre PasquArt in Biel   
 2017#141 "Schwindel"www.lanef.chStrotter Inst.allation as a part of the Cantonale Berne-Jura in the old church at La Nef in Le Noirment   
 2016„R3volution“www.haus-am-schueberg.deStrotter Inst.allation is a part of "R3volution: Malerei, Skulpturen, Objekte - Zeitgenössische Kunst aus der Schweiz" at Haus am Schüberg in Ammersbek near Hamburg.
Further artists: Christophe Lambert, Daniel Turtschi, Jürg Benninger, M.S. Bastian, Isabelle L., Mickry3, Monsignore Dies, Pat Noser & Pawel Ferus
 2016#91 "Keimserie" www.nmbienne.chStrotter Inst.allation as a part of the exhibition "Mykologismus" at Neues Museum Biel. Showing his element out of the Keimserie - where mushrooms are growing out of smartphones, laptops etc.   
 2016„Ganze Tage in den Ohren“www.s11.chStrotter Inst.allation as a guest at Urslé von Mathilde's exhibition „Ganze Tage in den Ohren“ at Künstlerhaus S11 in Solothurn   
 2016#141 „Schwindel“www.gepard14.chStrotter Inst.allation as a part of "Musik aus dem Jetzt" Festival at Gepard14 in Liebefeld, Bern   
 2015#131 "Umschluss" www.kunsthauslangenthal.chStrotter Inst.allation is part of the Cantonale 2015. This time @ Kunsthaus Langenthal   
 2015#136 "Schleimer"www.dampfzentrale.chStrotter Inst.allation is a part of PAKT @ Neue Musik Markt...   
 2015#134 "Vorschuss" www.facebook.com/hotelsuburbianlStrotter Inst.allation is creating a site-specific installation for Hotel SubUrbia in Leiden (NL)   
 2014#126 "Bannbulle" http://eigerbrasserie.ch/blogStrotter Inst.allation at Eiger Brasserie.   
 2014#84/3 "Omophagen" www.kunstmuseum-so.chStrotter Inst.allation of "Omophagen" version.3 for "Jahresausstellung" at Kunstmuseum Solothurn.   
 2014#84/4 "Omophagen" www.kunsthauslangenthal.chStrotter Inst.allation of "Omophagen" version.4 for "Cantonale Berne Jura" at Kunstmuseum Langenthal.   
 2014#125 "Pfropfung" www.dachstock.ch/program/e/a/artsouk-14.htmlStrotter Inst.allation for the first time at Kat Allen's ArtSouk!   
 2014Haderlumpwww.stadtgalerie.chStrotter Inst. & Meienberg present their silkscreen for "Haderlump" at a group exhibition at Stadtgalerie Bern.
Vernissage August 21
 2014"Joyful Noise in the Dark" www.theaterneumarkt.chStrotter Inst. is part of "Joyful Noise in the Dark" @ Theater Neumarkt in Zürich. This time just showing some Strotter Inst.allations.   
 2014Haderlumpwww.gallery-daeppen.comEdition Luciver presents the newest prints and multiples at the show "FIRST BORN POSSESSED" at the Gallery Daeppen in Basel. Among them "HADERLUMP - eine Hasstirade" by Strotter Inst. More about edition Luciver: www.editionluciver.tumblr.com
The edition is accompanied by the multiple #117 "Scheintot"
 2013#98 „Parkinson“www.lanef.chStrotter Inst.allation is part of Cantonale Berne with #98 „Parkinson“ @ the fantastic art space La Nef in Le Noirment.    
 2013Share the Applewww.kuntner.chHosting in Aarau the simultaneous transatlantic online performance between Brooklyn and Aarau. Various actions, performances participations from 7pm to 7pm at Garage Bar Aarau connected with Panoply Performance Lab Brooklyn: Information and timetable at www.kuntner.ch   
 2013#110 „Turmrater“www.lichtfeld.chStrotter Inst.allation is part of the group-exhibition LichtFeld13 in Basel. Two Sound-Installations are shown: #110 „Turmrater“ and #111 „Trossbube“.    
 2013#100 „Brachland“www.iwbfilter4.chStrotter Inst.allation is very proud to present recent works with turntables, mushrooms, sound and others at the fantastic artspace Filter4 in Basel.
08.06.2013 19h Vernissage (together with the exibition of Peter Fischer)
14.06.2013 21h Konzert Strotter Inst.rument #104 „Kienspahn“
24.08.2013 21h Finissage / mit Vortrag "Geleuchte" von Christoph Hess
 2012#91 "Keimserie"www.musee-moutier.ch5 objects with mushrooms by Strotter Inst.allation for the exhibition "Cantonale Bern Jura 2012" at Musée jurassien des Arts in Moutier   
 2012#91 "Keimserie"/ #92 "Anomalien"/ #95 "Widerling"www.s11.chStrotter Inst.allation is taking part at S11 for the group-exhibition about sound-installations "AufZeit"   
 2012#90 "Kuhreigen"www.bludnykamen.czStrotter Inst.allation is part of "Na houby / for John Cage" at Gottfrei Gallery in Opava   
 2012#88 "Nachnahme"http://www.uma-merdre.comStrotter Inst.allation is part of the group-exhibition about DIY instruments at ûma merdre in Tokyo.   
 2011#74 "Leibeigen"http://www.lichtfeld.chas part of the groupe-exhibition LICHT FELD 11 in Basel   
 2011#78 "Passopfer"http://www.aufbahrungsraum.chas part of a groupe-exhibition at Aufbahrungsraum, titled "Sport ist Mord"   
 2010#74 "Leibeigen"http://www.kunstmuseum-so.chcontribution for the 26. annual exhibition at Kunstmuseum Solothurn   
 2010#76 "Klageweib"http://www.kunsthalle-bern.chcontribution for the annual exhibition at Kunsthalle Bern   
 2010#73 "Katafalck"http://www.aufbahrungsraum.chSolo-Exhibition at Aufbahrungsraum in Biel   
 2010#74 "Leibeigen"http://www.galleryso.comGroup-Exhibition at Gallery SO in London. Further artists: Marianne Flotron, Karen Geyer, Niamh Riordan, Annaïk Lou Pitteloud & Steve Van Den Bosch    
 2009"Home Made Electronic Arts"http://www.merianverlag.ch/buecherNew Book about all kind of Bricolage with a contribution by Strotter Inst.allation   
 2009#70 "Fangfalle"http://www.lokal-int.chExhibition at Lokal Int. in Biel   
 2009#41/3 "Schultern"Bern, www.grossehalle.chThis Strotter Inst.allation shown the first time in Bern as a support for RozzoBiancas robotic theater "Six Freaks Under". Grosse Halle Reitschule Bern.   
 2008#36/2 "Bodensatz", #52/2 "Leerstand",#53/2 "Geissbock"Bern, www.kunsthalle-bern.chThree new Strotter Inst.allations for the annual exhibition at Kunsthalle Bern   
 2008#64 "Pellerine"Solothurn, www.kunstmuseum-so.chA Strotter Inst.allation for the annual exhibition organised by Kunstverein Solothurn. This year at the Kunstmuseum Solothurn   
 2008#59 "Essentzug"Espace Libre Biel, www.espacelibre.infoA little object for the group-exhibition organized by visarte.biel   
 2007#50 "Kuhhandel"Olten, www.kunstmuseumolten.chA Strotter Inst.allation for the annual exhibition organised by Kanton Solothurn. This year at the Kunstmuseum Olten   
 2007#41 / 2 "Schultern"Freitagsgalerie Imhof, SolothurnSecond appearance of the special La Paz Space, this time in Switzerland. On four Fridays Strotter Inst. is playing for five people from 19:00 to 21:00   
 2007#47 "Nebochant"Kunstraum Aarau, www.kunstraumaarau.chMy first soloshow with Strotter Inst.allation in Aarau. Vernissage Friday 10, August 2007 19:00   
 2007#55 "Reiseflor"Kuenstlerhaus S11 Solothurn, www.s11.chAs a part of a group exhibition at the Kuenstlerhaus S11 in Solothurn   
 2007#41 "Schultern"Museo Tambo Quirquincho, La PazStrotter Inst.allation for "el cinquo pasajero" in Museo Tambbo Quirquincho, La Paz (Bolivia). Concerning about space in La Paz   
 2006#18/2 „Bruchfeld“Kunstmuseum Solothurn, www.kunstmuseum-so.chA Strotter Inst.allation for the annual exhibition in Solothurn   
 2006#36 "Bodensatz"Kunsthaus Glarus, www.kunsthausglarus.chA new Strotter Ins.tallation for the last HomeMade - event at Kunsthaus Glarus, in collaboration with the "Nondeleted - festival"   
 2006#30 "Botschaft"Künstlerhaus S11, Solothurn. www.s11.chStrotter Inst.allation for the HomeMade-Exhibition, further artists: Joke Lanz, Flo Kaufmann, Uwe Schüler & Jördis Drawe, Anyma, Oli Dolder   
 2006#31 "Ausserdir"Leerraum, Progr Bern, www.leerraum.chExhibition with Strotter Inst.allations. Startingperformance: Thursday 02 2006 20:00   
 2005#25 „Krakeeler“Kunstmuseum Oltennew object as a part of the groupe exibition   
 2005"Bueckware"GrenchenGruppenausstellung im öffentlichen Raum "Sentiero Mazzini"   
 2005#20 „am_un_Ort“Kunstmuseum Solothurn, Graphisches Kabinettnew soundinstallations   
 2004#19 „Widerbart“Kunstmuseum Solothurnein kleiner Beitrag zur kant. Jahresausstellung Solothurn   
 2004Exhibition with Installations #5, #11, #17, #18Kaskadenkondensator BaselSoundobjects made out of Lencos   
 2003„Feuerstelle“3eétage, Grenchengroupe-exhibition April, 12 - May, 25   
 2002„Urballett“Bundesamt für Flüchtlingegroupe exhibition   
 2002„Urballett“Gaskessel, Berngroupe exhibition   
 2001„Schrubben“Kunsthaus, Grencheninstallation with Pavel Schmidt (D/CH)   
 2001„Ein Bauer im Anzug“Aktionsraum 3éEtage, Grenchenexhibition   
 2001„Oubliettes“Aktionsraum 3éEtage, Grenchenperformance   
 2001„Schien-Bein“Bucheron, Bernperformance with Röshu   
 2000„Moderamen“Freitagsgalerie, Solothurnexhibition with Jürg Dreier (CH)   
 2000„Sacknaht im Dreck“Bucheron, Bernperformancewith Herpes ö DeLuxe   
 1999Kant. JahresaustellungKunstmuseum, Oltengroupe exhibition   
 1998„Verbarrikadierungen“Div. Orteinstallations   
 1997„Lobotomie in Herde“Börse, Zürichexhibition „Jäger und Sammler“   
 1997„Timber Wolf“Bucheron, Bernperformance with OP Rechts   
 1996„An- / Abwesend“Kofmehl, Solothurngroupe exhibition   
 1996„Katzerkit“Kofmehl, Solothurnperformance OP Rechts, Kaiser and Süru   
 1996„Aber glauben dürft Ihr“Kreissaal, Bernperformance with Herpes ö DeLuxe and N. Klassen   
 1996„Brachial/zum Oberarm gehörig“Bucheron, Bernperformance OP Rechts   
 1995„Endless '45-'95“galeria wyspa, Danzig Polengroupe exhibition   
 1995„Permafrost III“Kulturfabrik Burgdorfperformance with OP Rechts und Hoschi   
 1994„Objekte im Raum“Schanzmühle Solothurninstallation with Manuel Candio (CH)   
 1993„Sex Tod Religion“Kofmehl, Solothurngroupe exhibition   
 1993„Mail-Art Exhibition“PTT Museum, Berngroupe exhibition   
 1992„Rein Unrein“Kofmehl, Solothurnexhibition   
 1990„Körper und Form“ETH Zürichperformance   
 2003„Door-2-Door“Atelier B21, Bahnstrasse 21 BernAtelierwochende Bern