Helios & Hess
 2014Trailer Reisläufer
 2016"Mother's Nest (i want you)"Compilation CD
30 Years Anniversary Tribute Album
for the Monsters
 2014"Lump"CD / Bookwww.everestrecords.chmail  
 2014Trailer Alpsegen
 2002 „DeMeuron“CDwww.everestrecords.chsold out  
 2015Glauser & Strotter Inst. - NK5 (live)Compilation CDcompilation.phonophon.de   
 2003Tasaday's „Kaspar project“Compilation CDWallace Recordssold out  
 Schurrer / Hess
 1998 „+-“FilmmusikVideo Soundtrack   
 1996 „Gimmelwald“Tape 45'Art Konkret (D)sold out  
 1994 „Live im Mozg“Tape 90'Mozg-Production (P)sold out  
 1992 „Veitstanz“Tape 90'Veitstanz (CH)sold out  
 Sum of R
 2010 "As Far As The Eye Can See"
Split 10"www.vinyllabor.chsold out  
 2010 "Does your cat know my dog?"Compilation LPwww.three-four.netsold out  
 2008 Sum of RCDwww.utechrecords.comsold out